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Queensland Vasectomy Clinics is Brisbane’s specialised family planning service for men who have decided a Vasectomy is the right option for them and their families.

We only perform vasectomies in a licensed day hospital facility, ensuring we can offer all forms of pain management and access to your private health insurance if you have appropriate coverage.

Our lead surgeon Dr Matthew Valentine is highly experienced, having performed over 10,000 vasectomies since 2008. Our clinics offer the No-Scalpel open-ended Vasectomy (NSV) procedure.

Our Services

Queensland Vasectomy Clinics specialises in No-Scalpel open-ended Vasectomies (NSV) though we also offer traditional vasectomies. NSV is recognised worldwide as the preferred sterilisation method as it is proven to be less invasive for men with a significantly lower complication rate. A vasectomy is a simple procedure that requires a high degree of skill and training. Whilst some of our medical colleagues can offer a vasectomy reversal, and we can provide you with an introduction, a vasectomy should be considered a non-reversible procedure.


Dr Matthew Valentine is Queensland Vasectomy Clinics' lead surgeon who performs all vasectomy procedures at North Lakes Day Hospital. Patients take great confidence in knowing the medical staff at North Lakes Day Hospital are highly trained, patient-focused and committed to achieving exceptional patient outcomes with Dr Valentine. North Lakes incorporates the look and feel of a Day Spa lounge as opposed to a cold clinical hospital setting. Patients and visitors enjoy complimentary parking on-site.

Our Surgeon

You can feel safe and confident knowing at Queensland Vasectomy Clinics our surgeon Dr Matthew Valentine has been performing vasectomies in Brisbane for more than 13 years. Initially trained in the traditional vasectomy technique with Dr Silver, Dr Valentine went on to complete further advanced training in the USA to specialise in the No-Scalpel open-ended technique. Each year he safely performs hundreds of vasectomy procedures for patients. His preferred method is the No-Scalpel open-ended technique, but he also performs traditional vasectomies if requested.