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Queensland Vasectomy Clinics operate exclusively at Montserrat Day Hospital facilities. By operating at licensed day hospitals we are able to offer not only access to your private insurance but also a level of nursing care that is offered in a Hospital environment.

The Day Hospital environment also means that ISO9001 best practice standards are applied to all facets of your care, such as Doctor and Nurse accreditation, and on-site sterilisation and operating theatres. This has the benefit of ensuring your procedure operates in the same standard facility as many major surgeries.

All of our Doctors will have consulted with you prior to your procedure and our friendly booking staff will have answered all of your questions (no matter how awkward they are). NB: We are used to questions from wives and partners so feel free to give us a call.

Whilst most patients choose to use a local anaesthetic for pain relief, some of patients can’t quite bear the thought. For those patients we can offer a full General Anaesthetic option, but that does come at an additional cost.

Although our clinics are very busy, we can usually fit you in within 1 to 2 weeks. For those men who are fly in fly out, we recommend you speak to us about your travel plans first.