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Background Information About Your Vasectomy

Sperm are made in the testes. From here the sperm pass into the epididymus located behind each testicle where they become mature. They then pass through two tubes call the vas deferens (one on each side of the scrotum) to the region of the prostate where

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Please Ensure you have read this information prior to your appointment

  1. It is recommended patients shave the entire scrotum and pubic region prior to their vasectomy. This reduces the risk of infection and makes the procedure easier to conduct.  
  2. It is important to bring two pairs of supportive jockey style underwear to your procedure as these are to be worn immediately following the procedure and for the next 2-3 days. Good scrotal support will reduce the risk of post-operative bleeding and discomfort.  

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Patients should ensure they follow the following Post Operative Instructions

A copy if this instruction sheet is also available at the clinic

  1. Spend a quiet evening at home, reclining in bed or on the sofa.  Minimise activity.
  2. Avoid aspirin for 2 days after the vasectomy. You may take Panadol if you have any discomfort. Ibuprofen may be used for pain beyond 3 days after your vasectomy.
  3. No need for ice packs

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Risks Involved

Take the time to familiarise yourself with the risks involved in the procedures. These risks are also available for your information at each clinic.

  • Bleeding: There is a 1-2 percent risk of developing a haematoma (blood clot) within the scrotum following a vasectomy. Most of these are small and the body will reabsorb them over 2-4 weeks. Very rarely patients can develop a larger haematoma requiring hospital admission and drainage. It is common for patients to have some bruising in the skin following a vasectomy which normally resolves over a week or so.

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