Patient Information

Queensland Vasectomy Clinics is dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive information about their vasectomy procedure, how to best prepare in the days beforehand, the potential risks which are rare but essential to know, and valuable recovery instructions.

Explore our patient information below, and if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our clinics on (07) 3833 6766.

Vasectomy Overview

What is a Vasectomy, and how does it achieve permanent male sterilisation? Here we provide an overview of the procedure and the reported impact on couples' sexual satisfaction. The challenges of reversing a vasectomy are also discussed.

Understanding the Costs

Our clinic offers affordable, competitively priced vasectomies in a licensed day hospital facility so you can access your private health insurance and enjoy a high level of nursing and specialist care. Privately insured patients with adequate coverage and zero excess can pay as little as $99. Self-insured or overseas patients enjoy a flat fee of $649 for their procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Valentine has safely performed over 10 000 vasectomies. Over this time, he's answered many patient questions and compiled this valuable FAQ for you. Find out what to expect in the lead-up to and after your procedure, how to know if your vasectomy's been successful, and when you can return to normal daily activities.

How to Best Prepare

At Queensland Vasectomy Clinics, we want you to feel safe and comfortable whilst in our expert care. You can take a few simple steps to ensure the best possible outcome from your operation. Click below to learn more.

Potential Risks

Vasectomy is a safe and straightforward medical procedure where complications and side effects are rare. However, like any procedure, there is an element of risk, and it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects.

Post-Operative Care Instructions

Dr Valentine will provide you with a comprehensive set of post-operative instructions. It's crucial to put your feet up, rest well and use good scrotal support. Follow these instructions carefully to minimise complications, recover well and get back on your feet faster.