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Please Ensure you have read this information & watched the video prior to your appointment

  1. It is recommended patients shave the entire scrotum and pubic region prior to their vasectomy. This reduces the risk of infection and makes the procedure easier to conduct.  
  2. It is important to bring two pairs of supportive jockey style underwear to your procedure as these are to be worn immediately following the procedure and for the next 2-3 days. Good scrotal support will reduce the risk of post-operative bleeding and discomfort.  
  3. It is best to arrange someone to drive you home following your procedure. This is imperative for those that have had diazepam prior to their procedure as this will render them unfit to drive for the remainder of the day. For those who have not had diazepam there is a risk that they may experience delayed light headedness following the procedure. A flat tire or car accident could also lead to complications following your procedure.  
  4. Patients should plan to recline at home for the afternoon and evening following their procedure.  
  5. Do not take any aspirin containing medication for 7 days prior to your procedure.  Likewise it is prudent to avoid fish oil supplements for 10 days prior to the procedure.  Patients should also not take any nurofen or other anti-inflammatory medications on the day of the procedure.  
  6. Patients should eat prior to their procedure and plan on a normal lunch and dinner.