No-Scalpel Technique

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During a No Scalpel Vasectomy, local anaesthesia is applied to the scrotal skin, which numbs both the skin and vas deferens. A small hole is then made in the front of the scrotum using a pointy haemostat. The use of the pointy haemostat to spread, rather than cut the skin, has been shown to reduce the risk of bleeding. Each vas deferens is lifted through the small hole and divided. The upper end of each vas deferens is sealed using cautery. The ends of each vas deferens are then separated and placed out of alignment by applying a small clip to the sheath surrounding each vas deferens such that the upper end remains enclosed within the sheath and the lower end outside the sheath. No sutures are required and the wound is usually sealed by the next day.

Prior to the procedure, you may opt to have a dose of intravenous diazepam at no extra cost. This has the advantage of relaxing anxious patients, though is not strictly required.

Should you have a significant needle phobia – please speak with our staff and we can look at an alternative method.