Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Valentine has safely performed thousands of vasectomies for men with minimal inconvenience to their personal and professional schedules. Here we outline the most frequently asked questions we hear from patients in the lead-up to their procedure.

Do I Need a Referral?

Patients do not need a referral to see Dr Valentine.

Are there age restrictions?

Dr Valentine is reluctant to perform vasectomies in those under the age of 25 with no children, unless there are exceptional circumstances. These can be discussed at a separate consultation prior to the procedure being booked. Dr Valentine prefers to have a consultation with anyone under the age of 30 years of age with no children prior to the procedure being booked.  

When are the follow-up sperm checks done?

These are done at 4 months. If residual sperm is detected a further test will be carried out two months later. In general, it takes at least 25 ejaculations and a time frame of around 4 months for patients to clear the residual sperm.


It is recommended that patients do not fly for at least 48 hours following their vasectomy.

Is this procedure reversible?

The procedure should be seen as irreversible.  In a percentage of cases the procedure is able to be successfully reversed and a pregnancy achieved.  Reversal is expensive and success is not guaranteed. Patients who are considering reversal should not proceed with a vasectomy.

Will my sex life be impacted?

Following a vasectomy patients should experience no change in their semen, sex drive, climax sensation or erections. In fact, recent studies have concluded that vasectomy positively impacts on the sexual satisfaction of couples.

How long after the procedure until I can have sex?

It is recommended patients wait for 7 days and until discomfort following the procedure has settled.

What do I do prior to the procedure?

Patients need to carefully shave the scrotum and pubic area 2 days prior to their procedure.  Patients should refrain from any aspirin, ibuprofen or fish oil supplements for 7 days prior to the procedure.  They should avoid alcohol on the night prior to the procedure.  Patients should shower on the morning of the procedure and have a light breakfast.

What can I expect afterwards?

Patients can expect some bruising and soreness for several days following the procedure.  Patients will be fit to conduct sedentary (inactive/light) duties the day following the procedure but should avoid any heaving lifting for the next few days.  Patients will be required to wear 2 pairs of supportive underwear for at least 2 days following the procedure and for at least 7 days if they are conducting any lifting or more strenuous activities.  Patients will need to continue their contraception until a semen test conducted at 4 months following the procedure confirms the absence of sperm.